Friday, 30 September 2011

i guess so..

hurmm...i really2 have think a lot about it...sy rase awk mmg xprlukan sy da..u get well although im not around u anymore...great to know that...bagos la awk bleh bhgia tnpa sy da...btw thnks for everything u have done n gave me..i really2 appreciate it..^^

p/s:everyone~pliz stop talking about love with me...im not going to get couple or in love from now on..i think so.it is bcoz love such a very complicated thing for me..sometimes it such a burden..since da single nie...lme gak sy single kali nie..haha...sy rse lebih free~xdek org nak kongkong sy n sy bebas tuk berkawan dengan sesiapa shj...haha...so sy rse kapel2 n cintan cintun nie buang mse je...no fun at all..haha..single is much much much much more better..lau sy tau la single nie seronok baek sy jd single dri dlu lg..haha...pk balik about y lepas2 terase mcm useless je...haha..fine...at least penah merase ape 2 cinta monyet...haha...nonsense je...sy ske kehidupan sy y sekarang...lebih baek drp sblmnye~^^may i say NO COUPLING??!!haha..

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